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2024528 28-30 May,2024
National Exhibition
and Convention Center (Shanghai)


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“I think our success at R+T Asia has come from a process of mutual promotion that creates a win-win situation. Compared to the past, R+T 2019 offered an expanded list of products and a multi-dimensional experience. Besides the products, the show offers an industry summits and concurrent events for the designers and decoration industries, providing more avenues to explore. R+T Asia brings a lot of value to exhibitors, providing us a platform to launch new products and find new customers. We can also use this platform to better promote our brand to new and old customers at home and abroad.”

——Mr. Guixian Cui, VP, Shandong Yuma Sun-Shading Technology


“For us, R+T Asia helps us understand the Asian market, just as R+T Stuttgart helps us understand the European market. Architects and designers are the primary decision-makers of our world. Since Gaviota is a leading company, we need R+T Asia to give us excellent access to key architects and designers in this market.”

——Mr. Ricardo Giner, General Manager, Gaviota Italia


“I think it's a very good show; we are always pleased. Because of its long history, the show attracts a lot of customers and visitors, bringing a very good opportunity for companies around the world. It's like a melting pot for our industry, people from all over theworld come here.”

——Mr. B.I Bae, International Sales Manager, Anywin Nayyung


“R+T Asia helps us adapt to the Chinese domestic market and find more high-quality customers. During the exhibition, visitors are very professional. They asked excellent questions, which helps us understand the needs of the Chinese market better.”

——Mr. Zhijun Zhang, Director, S.A. RECASENS

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