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Data protection

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Privacy Statement

Privacy is one of your important rights. By providing us your personal information, you've put your trust in us. Please rest assured that we will treat your personal information in a responsible manner. We hold that the information you provide will solely be used to help provide you with better services. We respect your privacy very much. And therefore, we specially formulate R+T Asia Website’s personal information protection policy so as to protect your privacy. Please carefully read the following statement before your using any services provided by the R+T Asia Website.

What personal information do we collect? 

Usually, you may anonymously visit our website and get access to information. Before us requesting your provision of the relevant information, we will explain how to use such information. The visiting of certain website page firstly require registration. Usually, such registration requires only your email and certain of your basic information such as your job and position. Sometimes, we may request your provision of more information including the name, address and telephone number. It is for the sole purpose of letting us better understand your demands so as to offer effective services to you. You have the right to decide at any time not to accept any of our information.


Protect your privacy

Protection of the user’s privacy is one of R+T Asia’s basic policies. We will take appropriate steps to protect your privacy. We will not illegally use the registration information of any individual user or the private contents which are stored in the R+T Asia Website when the user uses the website services. Whenever you provide us with sensitive information, we will take appropriate steps to protect your sensitive information, and we will also take reasonably safe measures to protect the already stored personal information.

How to use the privacy information?

The R+T Asia Website and its necessary service partners may use your personal information to inform you of new functions and services of the R+T Asia exhibition. In case your personal information is used by R+T Asia Website for the minor use purpose, the R+T Asia Website will explain to you how to reject such service. Then you may refer to the explanation in the data and/or promotion letters posted by the R+T Asia Website to terminate the sending of such letters.

For the purpose of improving the service quality, the R+T Asia may cooperate with a third party to jointly provide the relevant services to the user; and such cooperation may require, among other things, the connection of the user’s data with the third party user’s data. Under such circumstance, the user acknowledges and agrees that if such third party agrees to assume the same responsibilities as assumed by R+T Asia, our Company shall have the right to provide the user’s registration data and other information to such third party provided that our Company will agree with such third party that the user’s data will be solely used for the purposes related to their mutual cooperation; and the R+T Asia will supervise and manage such third party’s using the user’s data and will try any and all reasonable efforts to protect the safety of the user’s personal information. In addition, if you require us to provide certain customer support services and/or to deliver certain articles or items, your name and address will be provided to the third party such as the transportation company. Our Website will provide the links of the third party websites. Considering that we cannot control such websites, we suggest your carefully reading the third party website’s policy with respect to the non-disclosure of personal information.


In addition, R+T Asia may use your personal information under any of the following circumstances:

a. Required by the applicable laws and regulations
b. Required by the competent governmental departments
c. For the purpose of protecting the interests of the social public
d. Out of the necessity of protecting our Company’s lawful rights and interests when the user infringes R+T Asia’s lawful rights and/or interests

Questions and comments:

If you have any questions or recommendations about data protection at R+T Asia, please feel free to contact us.