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Introduction to R+T Asia

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Introduction to R+T Asia trade show

Selling your products in Asia is not easy. It requires  regular direct engagement with buyers, differentiating your products from competitor products, providing after-sales support, and gaining the trust of customers. Participation in an international fair is an investment for any company, but it’s critically important to choose a trade fair that attracts the key players in your market.

exhibitor demonstrates products to asian customers during R+T Asia trade show

R+T Asia’s product categories fro sun shading and door/gate sectors are strategically chosen and well represented. Our co-shows attract professionals from adjacent industries providing additional opportunities for show attendees. The show’s exhibits and summits cover the latest products, topics, and trends. We provide as well matchmaking initiatives and guided delegations to help you build profitable business relationships.

Our multi-channel marketing initiatives, as well as affiliation to R+T Alliance, promote R+T Asia trade fair globally, providing you with qualified visitors from all over the world. 

To support our exhibitors even before the show, we offer online matchmaking initiatives, digital product and brand exposure not only to R+T Asia's network, as well we offer tailor-made digital and onsite promotions.

R+T Asia’s professional visitors

R+T Asia offers a unique opportunity to network with highly relevant industry professionals from the Asia-Pacific region and outside Asia. These professionals include distributors/wholesalers, retailers, import and export traders, manufacturers of finished products and semi-finished products, architects, interior designers, investors, and other professionals.

In 2021, due to the international travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, for the first time almost all of exhibitors on-site came from China. Despite of this, the total number of on-site visitors in 2021 was higher than ever, reaching the number of 42,018, underlying the boomong domestic demand for sun shading systems and doors/gates, and creating greater opportunities in the Chinese market.

If you are interested to learn the overview of the R+T Asia 2021 edition go here.

Our trade fair cooperates with all related industry media in China and other media from the ASEAN region, Middle East, South East Asia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Oceania. We promote our show extensively by organizing special group delegations dedicated for targeted professionals.

Onsite significant programs and concurrent shows

Over 20 conferences and summits take place yearly during R+T Asia, presenting various educational topics and attracting audiences from several categories of professionals, who focus on trends, design integtation and developments in the smart home industry, residential - office - commercial real estate industry, hospitality, warehousing and more.

The concurrent events as HD+ Asia Home Decoration gathers professionals from the Chinese Home Decoration Market under the three product categories of home soft decoration, outdoor furniture, and future living (whole-home smart systems).

In 2023, R+T Asia will be again in a very good company of other shows as DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR 2023, IPD 2023 Asia, cadex and BIC 2023 — all related to the building and construction materials industry, including smart home and smart building systems, hard and soft decoration, and trends in architecture. Among others the concurrent shows will bring on-site well-known Chinese real estate developers, contractors, interior designers, architects, and will offer a cross-border experience for all visitors who will attend in July 2023. All mentioned shows will take place from 26 to 28 July 2023 in the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai (NECC). 

Export opportunities empowered by online solutions

The online matchmaking sessions organized before and during the show provide great networking and sales opportunities, and attract great attention from global  buyers  who  have  a  chance  to  connect  digitally  with on site exhibitors to meet each other and learn more about common interests. Selected exhibitors will have a chance to connect with the qualified buyers yet before, during and after the show in 2023. 

A well-known on site Hosted Buyer program will return in 2023. The qualified buyers on site, among other benefits, will enjoy free accommodation in Shanghai along with a VIP status at the exhibition.

 Virtual Booth Tours are webcasts streamed on Live Twitter recorded directly  at the  exhibitors' booths. Exhibitors  present their booths as they usually  do  in  one-on-one  meetings,  and  online  visitors  learn  more  about   their  new  products.   During  R+T  Asia  2021 and 2022,  selected  exhibitors attended  #VirtualBoothTour,  involving over hundreds of thousands views online.  The most attractive presentations created unprecedented business opportunities for exhibitors  reaching  hundreds  of  thousands  of  visitors  simultaneously.  Anyone  who  missed the live stream can still view the recorded videos by going to our official account @RTAsiaFair on Twitter .

Our online platform: R+T Asia Connect offers an  interactive  online brand  and  product showcase,  allowing exhibitors  to highlight their presence digitally and  increasing exhibiting success without the limitations of time and travel. Exhibitors  who decided to present their products digitally have an advantage 
in reaching global professionals in sun shading and door/gate industries without borders and without travel concerns.


For more information regarding promotion, contact us directly here.

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