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COULISSE in the APAC Region!

Source:r+t asia

Unveiling the Future of Window Coverings: A Conversation with Coulisse Asia Pacific's General Manager, Roger Krabbe


Step into the cutting-edge world of smart window coverings with Coulisse Asia Pacific's General Manager, Roger Krabbe, in this insightful interview hosted by Dominika Karwala at R+T Asia. Coulisse, a frontrunner in the window covering industry, is revolutionizing the way we interact with our living spaces.


In this engaging discussion, Roger delves into the company's mission of being a global leader in smart window coverings. Learn how Coulisse seamlessly integrates its products into the smart home ecosystem, offering solutions that prioritize energy efficiency, safety, and convenience.


Discover the innovative MotionBlinds solution and how it contributes to energy savings through adaptive shading and pre-programmable features. Roger also sheds light on the integration of Thread technology, a partnership with Eve, ensuring a secure and efficient smart home experience.


The interview explores Coulisse's customer support initiatives, providing users with a wealth of online resources, video tutorials, and training sessions. Find out how Coulisse empowers its customers, from end consumers to dealers, with the knowledge to maximize the potential of their motorized blinds.


As Coulisse expands its market presence in the Asia Pacific region, Roger shares insights into the challenges faced and strategies employed. Learn about the company's focus on key markets like China and Australia, and how it aims to be the go-to global solution for smart window coverings.


Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the future of window coverings and smart home integration. Whether you're in the sun shading industry or simply intrigued by the latest technological advancements, this interview promises a glimpse into the exciting world of Coulisse's smart and sophisticated products.


Join Roger Krabbe in Shanghai at the next R+T Asia 2024 exhibition and witness the future of window coverings firsthand!