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Dynamic Photovoltaic Blinds for Glazed-Façade Buildings

Source:Dynamic Photovoltaic Blinds

Dynamic Photovoltaic Blinds for Glazed-Façade Buildings


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Chinese scientists have developed photovoltaic blinds that regulate thermal loads, daylight, and energy production in high-rise buildings with glazed facades. These blinds enhance architectural aesthetics and offer significant energy-saving potential.


The new dynamic and vertical photovoltaic integrated building envelope (dvPVBE) system features weather-responsive slat angles and adjustable blind positions. Unlike complex previous designs, this system is simple and wind-resistant, making it suitable for high-rise buildings.


The dvPVBE prototype includes an aluminum alloy frame and slats with integrated solar cells, controlled by a motor hidden in the top frame. The slats can stop at any height and rotate between 0 and 90 degrees. Control can be manual or automatic via three strategies: power generation priority (PGP), natural daylight priority (NDP), and energy-saving priority (ESP), adjusting based on solar radiation, room occupancy, indoor illumination, and real-time power data.


Simulations on a 24-story office building in Beijing showed the dvPVBE system outperformed static PV blinds, covering 131% of the room’s annual energy demand and increasing net energy output by at least 226%. Recommended slat angles of 45°–60° balance natural light and solar energy throughout the year.


The study, “A New Dynamic and Vertical Photovoltaic Integrated Building Envelope for High-Rise Glaze-Facade Buildings,” published in Engineering, involved researchers from several prominent Chinese institutions.


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