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Home Smart Home by Haier


Imagine a one-stop kitchen solution for purchasing, storing, cooking, and cleaning!

This innovative system uses your refrigerator’s camera to scan RFID codes on food packages, allowing you to trace the origin of each food item, revealing picking/growing/processing, environment, and transportation information. It also shows you the item’s shelf life and the time you put it in the fridge. The system also allows you to connect with an online food shopping platform for purchasing new items.


Now, imagine your wardrobe with a 3D fitting mirror that connects with a dedicated shopping mall and instantly recommends different dressing solutions, displaying a 3D virtual wearing experience according to the weather and chosen occasion! You pick your favorite outfit, and with only one click, you purchase the order on the 3D fitting mirror.


Look at your washing machine. Imagine that it not only recognizes the textiles of different clothes to set up the correct washing procedure but also is able to detect the lack of laundry detergent. This smart service connects you to a dedicated online shopping platform that allows you to replenish your detergent with one click.


Or think about your TV. As the main control center of the smart living room, your TV gives you control of smart appliances such as air conditioners, sweeping robots, etc., but it also displays whole-house data and security information. 


At Home Decoration Asia 2020 (HD+ Asia) and R+T Asia 2020, Haier Smart Home will present its latest Smart Home solutions, showcasing its consolidated strategy that has led the company to become a global leader.

 Haier Smart Home user experience showcase in the center of smart home

Haier Smart Home believes that a smart life is not just a single product, but a one-stop customizable smart solution package covering the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, laundry and other functional areas of your home. On this basis, Haier Smart Home has also integrated high-quality third-party resources from around the world to build ecosystems. These eco-platforms, such as the Internet of Clothing and the Internet of Food, provide complete solutions for food, clothing, and entertainment.


The integrated Haier system also allows you to interact with scenarios, not just products, creating a comprehensive solution that includes installation and after-sales support via Smart Home’s cloud platform.


Guided by the Rendanheyi model, where user experience is the center of the smart home, Haier's ultimate goal is to meet your needs for a better life through its Smart Home system.


At National Exhibition and Convention Center, R+T Asia 2020 and HD+ Asia 2020, Haier Smart Home will display its “5+7+N concept”, where the Haier Smart Cloud links the seven functions of air, water, security, clothes care, entertainment, healthy food, and vice control across five living scenarios: smart living room, smart kitchen, smart bathroom, smart bedroom, and smart laundry. The Haier system also allows customizations based on variable user needs (N) for a comprehensive and intuitive smart home ecosystem.

Haier Smart system which links functions applied in living room and kitchen scenario