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2023726 26-28 July,2023
National Exhibition
and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Concurrent events at R+T Asia

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Networking events for Chinese professionals


Several educational and networking events have been designed to attract Chinese interior designers, architects, R&D engineers, real estate developers, distributors, commercial agents, retailers, and import & export traders.

In 2020, R+T Asia will present some proven concepts for planning and construction in the logistics sector. The show will also offer educational discussions about building architecture and design for the hospitality and medical sectors. In addition, the show features a dialogue with interior designers and architects about implementing green-lighting concepts, as well as forums devoted to textile industry news and soft decoration design and application.


Here are events offered in Chinese language

  • EnOcean Smart Home Development Summit
  • 2020 Intelligence Summit of Home Furnishings 
  • China City Soft-Decoration Forum: Furnished Shenzhen & Modern Shanghai

  • Textile News Industry Forum

  • 2020 Ideal Space: Soft-Decoration and Space Design
  • Soft Decoration Overall Strategical Forum

  • CLDA Green-Lighting & Design Forum

  • Architectural Design Forum
  • Hotel Design Forum 
  • China Hospital Architectural Art and Lighting Forum 
  • China 8th Annual Forum on Warehouse and Distribution Center Planning  and Construction