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2023726 26-28 July,2023
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Inspire yourself, broaden your horizons, see your business from a new perspective, and create a new future!

The InnovAction campaign highlights the most interesting products and creative ideas that meet customers’ requests for innovations and energy-efficient products.

Every year during R+T Asia, the entire industry comes together in one place, and this is the perfect occasion for all market attendees to showcase their accomplishments.

The aim of InnovAction is to encourage the industry members to present new ideas, technologies, and solutions to the global market. This includes distributors, wholesalers, retailers, import/export trades, manufacturers, architects, interior designers, investors, real estate, and related industry associations.

Innovative products are the main reason why visitors come to R+T Asia every year.

Launched in 2012, InnovAction has become a key annual benchmark for innovative products and technology. International brands view InnovAction as an essential stepping stone to enter the huge Asia market.

Over the past years this high-end feature of R+T Asia has hosted hundreds of companies from all over the world to advance their businesses using our unique InnovAction system and its multi-channel promotion.

InnovAction system online provides an excellent showcasing area for R+T Asia’s exhibitors.

InnovAction system lounches innovative products of the year and deliver advanced concepts to the website’s visitors. Pre-registered visitors can have a clear and detailed understanding of the industrial trends as well can have a speak peek on this what R+T Asia expo will bring up in 2021, and provides a match-making opportunities yet before the show.


InnovAction Hub combines a showcase area where companies showcase their highly innovative products and a seminar area where the exhibitors hold product presentations.

At this interactive and multi-functional platform, leading global brands promote their most advanced products and technologies for the sun protection and door/gates industries.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to date with the latest market trends!