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Easy Shanghai Guide

Easy Shanghai Guide

Easy Shanghai Guide

Your guide to the first 48 hours in Shanghai, long-term success, and advice from lifers who've seen it all.

To make your return to R+T Asia 2023 as memorable as possible, we have put in place a special hospitality packageWelcome Back to Shanghai - that includes a range of services that will make this trip to Shanghai easier and entertaining.

R+T Asia has prepared all the necessary information for attendees, to assist you with all the particular details of the daily life in Shanghai, such as paying only by electronic means (Alipay, WeChat), apps for calling a taxi, ordering food, etc. 


In a cooperation with Smart Shanghai, the most renowned media dedicated to living in Shanghai as an expat, we have prepared a dedicated guide for R+T Asia international clients. 

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Thanks to the Easy Shanghai Guide 2023, our guests in 2023 had the opportunity to explore Shanghai like locals (or nearly so). 

We're excited to announce that the latest edition of the Easy Shanghai Guide 2024 will be released just before the show, featuring all the up-to-date information on “how to” and “where to go”.

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