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General ContactTel: +86 21 6195 6088
Fax: +86 21 6195 6099
Project Management
Teresa WangTel:+86 21 6195
Domestic - Sun Protection Section
Kevin ZhangTel:+86 21 6195
Kyle WuTel:+86 21 6195 6040E-mail:
Gate Section
Joey ZhouTel:+86 21 6195 3515E-mail:
International sales
Miranda CaoTel:+86 21 6195 3570E-mail:
Guangzhou Office
Scarlett YuTel:+86 20 2208 2285E-mail:
Media & Marketing
Karen BuTel:+86 21 6195 3584


Karissa Ling
Tel:+86 21 6195 3550E-mail:

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