Chinese / English Only days left from the opening
2024528 28-30 May,2024
National Exhibition
and Convention Center (Shanghai)

Exhibitor Testimonials

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" We are here, especially to meet the big players and establish partnerships that will last for many, many years. As for our impression of the show, well, if we have just 1% of the people who visited our stand, it's already a great result. We've had massive crowds at out stand, I would say, consistently. So, without a doubt, we'll be back next year."


"Is a truly unique opportunity, to meet here with people from overseas. We can engage in conversations at one location, and at a specific time. It's an exceptional chance for us because we don't need to go elsewhere; they are all coming here, allowing us to discuss and strengthen relationships with people from around the world."


"At R+T Asia, our primary goal is to showcase our brand and establish our presence. We have customers coming from various parts of Asia, such as Korea, Australia, and South America, and many other countries as well. For someone like me coming from abroad, it's an opportunity to reconnect and network. While I may know the people. it's essential to have face-to-face interactions."


"This year, so far we've been overwhelmed with the response, so we find it's been very, very successful and I love the idea of merging the BUILD ASIA Mega Show with it. It's been a positive."