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More international flights to Shanghai

Source:Shanghai Municipal People’s Government

Gaining from different factors, as relieved restrictions on COVID-19 pandemic control and prevention on January 8, the Spring Festival travel peak, resumption of travel between the Chinese areas and some international air routes, the number of passenger flights entering and exiting Pudong International Airport has surpassed 100 daily, up 150 percent from the previous month, as released by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

China Eastern Airlines has resumed 52 air routes to overseas destinations, with 302 flights per week, including Shanghai-New York, Shanghai-London, Shanghai-Toronto, Shanghai-Paris, Shanghai-Sydney and Shanghai-Frankfurt. As the airline announced, by the end of February, there will be 60 routes, with 410 flights every week.

China Eastern also plans to add routes from Shanghai to Taipei, Dubai, Manila by the end of February.

China Southern Airlines has expanded its international network with the resumption and launch of 48 round-trip routes in 12 countries.


Shanghai-based Spring Airlines, has resumed 24 foreign routes, 16 of which fly to Southeast Asian destinations. According to the airline, the average load factor of its international and regional flights has exceeded 90 percent since the end of the Spring Festival break, and many flights have reached 100 percent.

According to the information published by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in the past month about 38,000 foreign tourists entered China from Pudong International Airport.

Along with the increase in flights, many outbound ticket prices have fallen.

For instance, at the beginning of February, the cost of a direct trip from Shanghai to Chiang Mai in Thailand ranged from 1,379 yuan (US$203) to 1,970 yuan; however, for flights on February 20, the prices had dropped to less than 1,000 yuan.


The price of direct flights to Bangkok was around 4,000 yuan at the beginning of February 2023, 10 days later it dropped to nearly half.

The favorable situation with the growing number of air routes and the decreasing prices of air tickets certainly boosts new perspectives for international trade, as it certainly supports all those who plan to arrive in Shanghai for the July edition of R+T Asia trade show.