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The tent industry in China


In recent years, the tent industry is booming in China. Tents are easy to move, store, place, and assemble, and they are safely installed, highly customized, and versatile.

Popular warehouses provide tents that offer fast, easy, and cost-effective additional storage and flexible operational space, while premium wedding tents provide a secure and successful outdoor wedding in almost any weather condition. For hospitality events, tents are available in endless designs. For outdoor events, like live music festivals and corporate occasions, large tents can be constructed and removed quickly, guaranteeing on-time entertainment, protection from sun, rain, and wind, and excellent lighting. In large cities, gazebo canopy tents are very popular, used as pop-up stores for fast-moving consumer goods as well as luxury brands. Frequently used in exhibitions and sporting events, this kind of tent offers large and safe spaces that can be fully customized, easily removed, and relocated.

But now, more than ever before, China and other countries are using tent shelters for military, governmental, humanitarian, and medical sectors, such as for the recent outbreak of the coronavirus. Strict health and ID registrations are conducted all over China and elsewhere, in public transportation hubs and in entrances to offices, factories, shopping malls, and residential and public buildings. Tent shelters have become a working place for millions of officials working outside. Thanks to high quality PVC fabrics and stainless aluminum alloy construction, these versatile tents provide weather protection for temporary hospitals and medical shelters used for quarantine and recovery space.  In anti-epidemic efforts, in these emergency situations, warehouse tents have become the best choice for holding the increased amount of medical waste according to safety standards.

The coronavirus emergency has increased demand of tent shelters to unimagined levels, and the producers of tent components and fabrics and finished products have their hands full. The current situation is also proof that having tent facilities in inventory is necessary for guaranteeing safety and proper working environment in case of any disaster. In addition to the epidemic crisis that urgently generated a demand for millions of shelter structures, there is also a booming interest in luxury structures and sporting structures. The second quarter of 2020 will bring many changes but also should produce a recovery for the Chinese economy due to policies applied by the Chinese Government.

R+T Asia and HD+ Asia held from June 28-30, 2020, will also showcase the newest solutions for the tent industry, as well as integrated smart solutions applied in different scenarios.