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2024528 28-30 May,2024
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Become our Hosted Buyer

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Hosted Buyer Programme 2024


Enter our Hosted Buyer Programme for the elite of the industry

Welcome to the R+T Asia Hosted Buyer Programme—an exclusive opportunity tailored to elevate your experience at R+T Asia 2024. 

Qualified Hosted Buyer will enjoy a range of exceptional benefits designed to maximize networking potential, enhance industry knowledge, 

and gain unparalleled access to the most influential players in the sun shading systems and doors/gates market.

Programme Highlights:

  1. Customized Support and Matchmaking Sessions:

    Approved Hosted Buyers will receive personalized support and engage in targeted matchmaking sessions with exhibitors.
    These matches are curated based on your specific business objectives and interests, ensuring an efficient and focused exploration of future suppliers.

  2. Exclusive Benefits and Privileges:

  • Three days of complimentary logding in a prestigious hotel.

  • Shuttle bus service between the hotel and venue for convenience.

  • Access to the VIP lounge during the show for a comfortable and upscale networking environment.

  • Invitation to the VIP Party organized by DACF and R+T Asia.

  • Assistance with invitation letters for visa applications if needed.

Who can apply:

Eligible participants must meet the following criteria:

  • The candidate is a manufacturer, importer, distributor, professional in import/export, or a buyer for franchise stores within the sun shading and door/gate industry.

  • The candidate holds the authority to make pivotal decisions and allocate budgets for orders at R+T Asia 2024.

  • The candidate possesses a clearly defined and precise idea of the products they will be seeking at R+T Asia 2024.

How to Join: Application Process

In 2024, the Hosted Buyer programme is by exclusive invitation only. 

The candidates will be invited (by email, call or personally) to register through exclusive invitations distributed by the organizers or their partners, ensuring a curated and high-caliber attendee list.

Prospective participants must complete the online application form provided by the organizers. 

All applications will be subject to review and approval by the HBP selection committee.

Note: Candidates who did not receive an invitation and wish to qualify for the Waiting List can still apply to the program. 

In the event that spaces become available in the Hosted Buyer program, your candidacy will be considered at that time.

To apply, click here.


Selection Process:

Participants will be selected based on their professional qualifications, purchasing authority, and

potential to contribute to the success of the event. The decision of the selection committee is final and

non-negotiable. Candidates will be notified of the committee's decision via email or phone call.

Approved candidates will receive further instructions.