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Travel to China Advisory

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 Latest Developments & Travel Advisory

(January 25, 2024): China and Singapore Forge Visa-Free Agreement

China and Singapore have formally endorsed a visa-free entry policy, permitting their citizens stays of up to 30 days. Effective from February 9, individuals with ordinary passports embarking on tourism, family visits, or business endeavors will enjoy the benefits of this groundbreaking agreement. The accord, signed in Beijing, signifies a pivotal stride towards fostering stronger connections between the two nations and streamlining travel for their citizens.

China’s five new measures to ease entry for international travelers

In 2024, China introduces five measures to streamline entry for global travelers. Effective January 11, 2024, the National Immigration Administration (NIA) implements four visa application initiatives and one focused on border inspection. These measures aim to expedite the entry process for individuals visiting China for business, education, and tourism. The NIA's commitment aligns with China's strategy of fostering openness and international engagement.

China relaxes rules for on-arrival business visa

China eases on-arrival business visa rules. The Ministry of Public Security introduces measures enabling foreigners on business or trade trips to apply for a business visa upon arrival, eliminating the requirement to obtain one before traveling. To qualify, travelers must present a company invitation letter and supporting materials for activities like business negotiations, exhibitions, and investments. Those requiring multiple entries for commercial purposes can secure a valid multiple-entry business visa within three years of their initial entry.

(January 8, 2024): China and Thailand Announce Permanent Visa-Free Policy

China and Thailand have reached an agreement to implement a permanent visa-free policy, effective March 2024. This decision aims to enhance diplomatic relations and stimulating economic activity, particularly in their respective tourism sectors.

(December 8, 2023): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Issues Notice on Temporary Reduction of China Visa Fees

In a pivotal update on December 8, 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a notice announcing a significant development. From December 11, 2023, to December 31, 2024, China is set to implement a 25% across-the-board reduction in visa fees for foreign travelers. For comprehensive details, kindly consult your local Chinese embassy or consulate.

(November 24, 2023): China Extends Unilateral Visa-Free Travel for Citizens of France, Germany, Italy,

the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia

In a recent official announcement on China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, it has been revealed that, from December 1, 2023, to November 30, 2024, holders of ordinary passports from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia will be granted unilateral visa-free travel to China. This applies for business, tourism, visiting relatives and friends, and transit, with a maximum stay for no more than 15 days.

(November 17, 2023): China Expands Visa-Free Transit to Include Norway

In a recent official announcement by the China National Immigration Administration (NIA), Norway has been added to the list of countries eligible for the 72/144-hour visa-free transit on arrival. Effective November 17, 2023, citizens of Norway can now benefit from the 72/144-hour visa-free transit policy, accessible in 23 Chinese cities, spanning 20 cities and 29 entry and exit ports.

China Abolishes Health Declaration Requirement for Travelers

As of November 1, 2023, China Customs has officially removed the mandatory health declaration for all travelers, signaling the end of COVID-19-related travel restrictions. While international travelers are no longer required to complete the Entry/Exit Health Declaration Card, they remain obligated to voluntarily report any symptoms of infectious diseases to Customs. This includes sharing information about their health status, complying with essential screening and quarantine measures, and disclosing any diagnosed infectious diseases.

(November 1, 2023): China Lifts Health Declaration Requirement for Travelers

In a recent update, China Customs has declared the discontinuation of the Entry/Exit Health Declaration Card for individuals departing from or arriving in China. This decision marks the elimination of all COVID-era restrictions and requirements for travelers entering or leaving the country. Nevertheless, individuals displaying symptoms of or diagnosed with infectious diseases are still obligated to voluntarily declare their health status to Customs.

(September 20, 2023): China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Unveils Streamlined Visa Application Process

In a significant development on September 20, 2023, China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has introduced a simplified visa application process, focusing on the form with two notable changes. Applicants are now required to provide their travel history from the past year, replacing the previous five years' requirement. Additionally, the educational background section has been streamlined to request only the highest level of education achieved. The MFA emphasizes that these adjustments aim to reduce the time applicants spend on visa forms, enhancing overall efficiency in the application process.

China removes COVID-19 Antigen Test Requirements for Inbound Travelers

In a press conference on August 28, 2023, Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, announced a pivotal update. Starting August 30, 2023, inbound travelers to China will no longer be mandated to undergo COVID-19 PCR or antigen testing before entry. This decision represents the conclusive removal of all remaining COVID-19 entry prerequisites, signifying a noteworthy stride toward travel normalization and the country's reopening.