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August 31 - Septemeber 2, 2022

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center


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Visa is required to enter the P.R of China for most nationalities, but regulations enforced by different Chinese embassies may vary from one country to another and from time to time.
You are invited to check caref
ully with the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country of origin for their exact requirements.

Find a Chinese Embassy in your country 
>> my Embassy 


Applying for a Business Visa requires an official letter of invitation. Our travel partner can help you applying for an official letter of invitation for a small fee.

The trade show organizer does not provide an invitation letters for visitors,  without exception.

Application for such an invitation letter might take many days in case of some countries. We strongly recommend to apply early.

Please contact our official partner to learn more how to get an invitation letter and about other formalities related to visa process.