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Source:The outcome of the #MatchmakingDay1

R + T Asia closed 2021 on a high note, kicking off a new series of online meetings between buyers and suppliers (exhibitors of R+T Asia).

The pre-arranged meetings were held between selected exhibitors of R+T Asia and global companies interested in purchasing products from external sun shading systems and doors and gates. The video meetings were schedules from early morning to late evening, and 95% of the meetings went as planned.

As a professional trade fair organizer we know, that nothing can replace the physical fairs and relationships that are built during individual meetings, combined with direct product presentation. In fact, the purpose of the matchmaking events online is not to replace, but to complement the show's strenghts in making business happen.

Nevertheless, in the last 2 years we are also gaining more experience in organizing online matchmaking meetings, that are being requested more oftennowthat travel is limited. 

In order to guarantee the best results, we are carrying out highly personalized work, where each qualified attendee is assisted from the beginning until the end of the event. Therefore nothing gratifies us more than the satisfaction of the participants.

Discover the feedback of some of the exhibitors and buyers, expressed after the #MatchmakingDay1

"As a retail company with the network of stores, we are constantly looking for new products and alternative offers to the current ones. China is one of the countries of interest to us in terms of supply (but also Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea). In online marketplaces, like Alibaba for example, you can find everything and everyone but at the same time it is too much information that is not as easy to verify. Having a matchmaking service, such as that one offered by R + T Asia, we have had the opportunity to meet suitable and verified suppliers, and this is a great advantage for us."
Mr. R. Persad, buyer from Trinidad and Tobago 

"The matchmaking events organized I attended are important to my business. The fact that I have decided to participate once again proves this to the fullest. For the first time I attended the #MatchmakingEvent during the show R + T Asia 2021, and I decided to participate again in the #MatchmakingDay1, as I am currently looking for suppliers for other products that I am implementing.    I find the meetings I had very useful. It always starts with a conversation leading up to a detailed follow-up, and your meetings give me a direct access to appropriately selected suppliers."

Mr. A. Danieli, buyer from Italy

"Thank you for your great efforts to organize online meetings for our company. We are very happy with your arrangements. It was a first step towards a potential new partnership, but already now we can share that our impression after communication with buyers, that they are exactly the customers we are looking for and would like to collaborate with. Thank you."

Guangzhou Greenawn Awning Science and Technology Co., Ltd., exhibitor from China


"The # MatchmakingDay1 was a good opportunity and a new method for us to take part in meetings and to create a connection between us and potential customers. Thanks so much for this option for us".

Foshan City Nanhai YONGFENG Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YFA)


Find out more who attended # MatchmakingDay1 on December 14, 2021

Fujian Anlin Intelligent Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Anlin is a state-level high-tech enterprise in Fujian province, which has been engaged in research and development of intelligent security and anti-theft of door motors for more than 20 years and participates in the formulation of a series of national and local industry standards. Anlin's primary products are: roller shutter motors, roller shutter motors, sliding door motors, safety beams, tubular motors, garage door openers and related control systems and much more.

The company has obtained ISO9001, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification and its products are sold under the following brands: KYLIN, ANLIN, KYLIN, QILIN. The company collaborates with customers from all over the world with OEM and ODM contracts.


Wuhan Powever Electronics Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Powever Electronics Co., Ltd. is an important manufacturer in China for customized servo control systems.

The company is dedicated to providing excellent products to customers through continuous research and development and quality control. The servo control system annual sales QTY is 150,000 sets, which are applied domestically and abroad. POVEVER products are widely used for various applications: high speed gates, high speed passage gates, industrial control, smart alarm systems, and more. The company's core technology is based on a high performance rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor, with access to the underlying protocol for the digital signal processor and its applications.

The company's SMT production line consists of high precision Panasonic and Yamaha mounters, DEK screen printing machinery, HELLO twelve temperature range hot wind flow soldering, and AOI optics testing equipment. The production line is lead free and POWEVER has applied six sigma strategy.

Foshan Hanrui Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. 

Hanrui is a professional manufacturer of retractable awnings, full cassette awnings, roof awnings, folding arm awnings, carpots, prgolas, gazebos and zip track roller blinds, and relative components and systems. The company is headquartered in Guandong province of China. Over the years it has integrated research and development, production, sales and assistance. The continued expansion of the company has resulted in two modern factories and a professional team of over 300 people, who strive to provide quality products and efficient services. The company mainly offers OEM and ODM service.

Guangzhou Greenawn Awning Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 

Greenawn is a well-known manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Headquartered in Guangzhou province of China, Greenawn specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of retractable awnings, outdoor zip track roller blinds, roof awnings, cassette awnings, outdoor umbrellas, pergola and gazebos. To provide a complete offering to customers, Greenawn also manufactures a full range of components and accessories for its products. The technology, performance and overall quality of the main products have reached European standards. In recent years Greenawn has gained a good reputation in the industry due to its constant adherence to quality, competitive offer and professional service. The company offers OEM and ODM business.

Foshan City Nanhai YONGFENG Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YFA) 

YFA was founded in 1995, starting its business as a manufacturer of aluminum curtain and blind rails. Since 2005 the company has expanded its business and product range, developing, manufacturing and supplying new finished aluminum products such as louver systems, window shutters, balcony shutters, pergola and gazebo. With its excellent leadership team, high quality workforce, exemplary technology and strict quality control, YFA has achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SGS and BSCI certification. As the leader of its industry in China, YFA focuses on product durability, functional and attractive design, innovation and exceptional customer service. This approach has won industry appreciation and customer satisfaction around the world.