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"R+T Asia continues to be the most important venue for meeting with existing manufacturersand finding new manufacturing partners in Asia. The quantity of innovations at the show was inspiring and the level of product innovation was very exciting. I'm looking forward to the next R+T Asia.” 

Rory McNeil General Manager, WindowShading.Pro, USA

"It's been almost 3 years since I've been able to attend this show, given the onset of the pandemic. This year's show was well-organized, providing a good opportunity to meet up and engage in face-to-face conversations with factories and distributors. The overall vibe of the show was welcoming. I'm confident that the upcoming editions will be even more remarkable, considering this one was essentially a 'warm-up' following a prolonged break." 

T. P. Chung, Modenz Conzepts Co., LTD, General Manager, Vietnam & USA

"The show greatly exceeded our expectations. We were very pleased with the sheer volume and great quality of exhibitors and attendees. We saw a lot of new and exciting products that we are keen on introducing to our country soon. The most exciting part of the event was getting to witness all the new tech-based products. I was also thrilled to meet many new suppliers in the field of wood blinds and shutters as it is a rapidly growing segment in India. The show, exhibitors and attendees were engaging and energetic. We felt great being in the center of the biggest show in our industry. It was an enriching experience to be surrounded with our peers and to stand amongst all the new products and companies after a long gap of 3 years. The show gave us a great opportunity to scope out new suppliers and reconnect with existing business partners. The on-site staff, as well as the team of R+T Asia working behind the scene were helpful. We got all the assistance for visa before arriving to China and once there, we were assisted in navigating the show and the city of Shanghai very well by the team of R+T Asia. Overall, it was a very fruitful and hassle-free visit for us. R+T Asia is a must-visit for everyone in the industry."

Aishwarya Pensari, Director, Decolux Window Fashions Pvt. Ltd., India

"It's my first visit at R+T Asia and my first impression about the show and its offer, well, excellent! Absolutely amazing! The exhibition is so large. There's plenty of choice here. For me, especially, the smart home area was very interesting, and it's been very well organized as well".

James Brown, Silkbridge Design Consulting, Founder & CEO, United Kingdom

"I'm glad to be here, and it's shaping up to be a great experience. Since it's only my first day here, it could be interesting for the future as well. I've come across some companies with interesting products, that could become important for our company in the near future."

Ivo Simonato, Sicc Srl, Founder & CEO, Italy

"This is my first time attending R+T Asia here in Shanghai. Before coming here, I was excited because I know China is a major production hub for hardware, motors, and other fittings for doors. So far, I like it. I'm planning to spend the entire afternoon visiting other booths, so I think it's going to be beneficial for me".

Marcio Pereira, Portas Arcuense, CEO, Portugal

"This trade fair mirrors the industry in China, where the exponential growth of the construction sector becomes apparent right from the moment you land at the airport. During my time here today, which happens to be the first day of the event, I have already had the opportunity to explore some very exciting booths, within the few hours I've spent here".

Stefano Zanirato, Finestra4, CEO, Italy


The host, exhibitor and hosted buyer attend a hybrid matchmaking session at R+T Asia 2021: #MatchmakingEvent

“The #MatchmakingDay program allowed me to have an overview of different suppliers in a very short time. The time of the meetings was enough to understand if the offer of each company I met was suitable for my needs, so I think the format of the meetings worked perfectly. Also as regards the pairing itself, I'm happy with this, all the suppliers I met were interesting and now I'm in contact with all of them. The detailed evaluation of the offer will be discussed in the coming weeks, however at this stage I am confident that we have found valid contacts for our business.”

J. Beltran, Hosted Buyer from Spain

“I am very happy to have been able to take part in the Matchmaking Event, the organization of the matches and the outcome exceeded my expectations. Concrete and effective meetings allowed me to know and compare multiple offers at the same time. All the meetings gave me interesting feedback on the offer of the Chinese exhibitors. We decided to follow up with 4 companies that I met during the Matchmaking Event. Thank you for this opportunity.”

R. Szulc, Hosted Buyer form Poland

The #MatchmakingEvent provided a very useful solution for my business. I got in touch with some suppliers who might be important to me. At this time, we still have to discuss the details of
their offer, however it was a profitable program that allowed me in a relatively short time to learn more about the products I was looking for.”

Y.S. Doutschele, South Korea

“The #MatchmakingEvent gave me the opportunity to see the news of the market and to connect with some interesting exhibitors. The online meetings are not comparable to the face-to-face meetings during the fair, however it is the best solution in the times marked by travel restrictions ".

 R. Arts, Hosted Buyers from the Netherlands

“Nowadays, when we face major travel problems, it is not easy to move outside, but all my clients cannot run out of stock. Due to the pandemic situation, some of our current overseas suppliers have limited their production and it has been very difficult for us to find new suppliers, able to deliver exactly the products we were buying, that's why the #MatchmakingEvent organized by R + T Asia in 2021 has been very useful to us.

Usually, companies from countries like Pakistan, India or Bangladesh don't look for new suppliers online. Personal meetings are of significant importance to business. However, every request arises from a need, and today the need for a company like mine is to connect with new suppliers digitally.

 As I have been doing business in China for a long time, it was an easy and sufficient way for me to communicate with selected, new exhibitors and understand the relevance of their offer.

 The #MatchmakingEvent was a great experience for me and in the anticipation to the next R+T Asia that I will attend in person - I’m looking forward to the new online matchmaking sessions with overseas suppliers.”

 M.A. Rawani, Pakistan

Buyer Experience at R+T Asia 2019